Studio/Shop Seeking Sound & Vision

We produce limited runs of our exclusive objects to allow us to remain true to our ethos, valuing conscious production and quality. 

Concept Object started after hearing the valve radios that Madeleine’s dad used to fix up in his shed. We hosted a listening evening with them, as designers the reaction we got from these once unloved objects and the life they brought to the space was inspiring. When people heard their own songs being played through these once broken bits of technology it created such a sense of wonder and belonging. Since that evening we haven't stopped searching for new ideas that spark that feeling again. Collaborating with reclamation yards, sustainable manufacturing, artists and independent makers to turn unwanted materials into conscious concepts and exclusive objects.

Sustainability - Striving to turn unwanted into exclusive - Our materials for our OBJECTS are reclaimed or sustainably sourced, for example the drivers in our OBJ.No.01 came from a closed venue we worked to restore them to their full potential the only new parts are wires and terminals. The components in our partners amplifiers are all new and due diligence assembled to meet safety requirements. 

Craft - Putting craft at the heart of our business, we travelled to Wales to work with a carpenter on OBJ.No.01 who learnt how to design speakers from his father and taught us the fundamentals of volume and renaissance. OBJ.No.06 is hand sculpted by a young ceramist in Walthamstow.  Every object we sell has been touched by an independent maker and brought to life through collaboration. 

Community - From our materials, suppliers, collective of collaborators to the service we offer and customers we value, everyone who is part of Concept Object has appreciation of conscious spaces and simple design supporting our mission to seek sound and vision. 

CONCEPT OBJECT - LIFE IS A DANCE from Concept Object on Vimeo.